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Delivery Information

- Willamette Valley (Eugene, OR to Portland, OR)
$950 Minimum per order + 2.5% freight 

- Western Washington (Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle and surrounding areas) 
$1200 Minimum per order + 8.9% freight 

- Southern Oregon & California (Roseburg, Ashland, Sacramento, San Francisco and surrounding areas) 
$1500 Minimum per order + 9.99% freight 

Hardiness Zone Map

USDA map PRISM 150dpmB.jpg

Orders & Claims Policy 

We accept all orders subject to crop conditions. We reserve the right to cancel a portion of the order, or all thereof, should injury befall our stock from hail, windstorm, frost, other weather conditions, errors in count, insects, disease, injury, or other natural causes beyond our control. All orders are booked subject to crop yield and prorated in the event of a smaller crop than anticipated. Prices and delivery charges are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Spring orders must be picked up or delivered by May 31st prior to arrangements and payments have been made .  We understand that it is sometimes necessary to cancel an order. We ask that you do so at the earliest possible date when necessary. Orders cancelled within two weeks of scheduled delivery will be subject to a restocking fee. A restocking fee may also be charged for orders not taken by the agreed upon date. 

We guarantee all plant materials to be in good condition when shipped. Any unsatisfactory stock must be reported within 5 days and held for advice from us as to disposition. Total liability shall be limited to replacement or refund of purchase price.

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