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About Us

Thank you for considering Youngblood Nursery to supply your nursery needs. Our nursery is a wholesale provider of woody ornamental nursery stock in containers to retail nurseries, brokers, and landscapers. We gladly ship anywhere possible with our own trucks and common carriers.

















The nursery part of the farm has been in operation since 1990. Owners Don, Jeanne, and Troy Youngblood have been rapidly expanding the nursery portion and it has become the mainstay of the farm. Part of the 142 acre establishment is planted with hazelnut orchards, but most of our time and energy is devoted to the nursery. We employ about 45 people and keep them busy as we ship year-round.

It is our goal to provide our customers with the best possible plants and exceptional service. We offer a personal touch and attention that only a family-owned company can provide. Our nursery is always discovering better techniques of growing and servicing our customers' needs.








We are still expanding each year to offer a wider variety of plants. We do the majority of our own propagation in order to control the quality of the early stages of our plants. This also allows us to control timing of the finished product to correspond with customer needs.


We are members of OAN, ANLA, WSNLA, and IPPS. We firmly believe in working together with other people in the nursery industry so that we may all learn together.

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